Before You Choose Your New Home Lighting - READ THIS!

7th Aug 2020

Remodeling or re-designing your home is a big step, and typically accompanied by hundreds of decisions: Should we use tile or hardwood? Does this new paint color work with our furniture? Does it make the room look too dark? What about knocking out that wall and going open-plan? Is it better to build out or up? How should we improve the lighting in this room? And so on...

What often occurs at some point is that the homeowner experiences decision fatigue. This is the feeling of exhaustion one experiences when faced with yet another deliberation, and typically sets in somewhere between deciding whether to buy this particular style of cabinet pulls and choosing a towel rack placement for the guest bathroom.

We get it. Renovating is exhausting, both physically and mentally. 

So when it comes to lighting your home, you may be one click away from ordering whatever looks good on Amazon and hoping for the best. The problem is that lighting, perhaps more than anything else, sets the entire tone and mood of a room. 

One lesson my father taught me about dressing to impress is that shoes matter. Regardless of whether you're wearing a designer suit or a pair of blue jeans, people will notice your shoes, and it's the shoes that can make or break a look. 

Lighting is very much the same. If you install commonplace lighting, your room will never quite capture that elusive quality of timelessness that is a hallmark of good taste. Lighting is meant to be a statement piece, like that fantastic pair of Italian loafers you bought on holiday in Rome 15 years ago.  

This appreciation for the exceptional and unique is behind every vintage nautical light we sell. Our customers are people who know a good look when they see it, and who want to surround themselves with the very best, even down to their home lighting.

If you have any questions or requests concerning your lighting, please feel free to get in touch with us. We're more than happy to help you select just the right pieces, answer any technical questions you may have, and accommodate your desire to transform your home into a tastefully-lit showpiece.